O&M Services

ADLER Solar Works provides customized O&M service in Japan to secure your investment (ROI). Although PV power plants are designed and constructed on the basis of continuous normal operation over 20 years, it needs to be looked after. Professional O&M services ensures the highest capability at different stages throughout the entire life cycle of photovoltaic projects.
The main aim of ADLER Solar Works’ O&M services including yearly inspections, reactive maintenance as well as offering lasting solutions enables stable and safe operation of your Solar plant is to safeguard your PV power plant until it completes operation, and to hand over renewable energy infrastructures to the future generations.

Assessment Items O&M Service Items

  • 365-day Alarm monitoring
  • Fault clearance with short reaction times (breaker reset and provisional measures)
  • Reconditioning visit (communication with manufacture in case of broken devices or equipment failure, solution proposal, comprehensive services from quotation to actual installation)
  • Grass cutting
  • Periodic yield reporting (biannual or monthly)
  • Periodic inspection (visual inspection, electrical performance test and safety inspection of PV modules, mounting system, combiner box, inverters and monitoring systems)
  • Customized reporting – preliminary or detailed – of each service.
  • Module cleaning (optional)
  • Snow removal (optional)
  • Spare parts management (optional)
  • Warranty and claim management (optional)
  • Contracting with chief electric engineer (optional)
  • Warranty management (optional)
  • Availability guarantee (optional)

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