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At ADLER Solar Works, we offer combination of services tailored with high flexibility as you prefer. Any combination of service is available for those plant owners who has not conducted regular inspection before. Single service is also available if you already have an O&M service operator looking after your PV power plant but seeking for additional inspection.

All services include presentation of expert reports.

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Yearly Inspection This item is generally included in ADLER Solar Works’ O&M service package. While inspection of high voltage transformer is mandatory, regular checkup of the DC side including PV modules are often overlooked. We make sure that safety in DC components is secured.
IR Inspection The thermographic inspection searches for failure and damaged components within the DC circuit. Components that irradiate extraordinary heat due to abnormal electrical resistance are identified.
The identified components should be exchanged or repaired before follow-up failures will damage further components and leads to production losses.
Drone-based IR Inspection Drone-based IR Inspection enables thermography check of extensive PV power plant in a short time. It has clear advantage especially for utility-scale solar power systems.
IV Curve Test IV Curve Test investigates performance level of PV modules by measuring output characteristics at string levels, assuring generation performance and identifying damaged modules.
Insulation Resistance Measurement Insulation resistance measurement checks insulation status between wirings as well as wiring path and the ground, ensuring that there is no electric leakage to prevent fire accident, yield drop and to increase safety of persons. .
Earth Resistance Measurement Earth Resistance Measurement probes the resistance value between earth electrode and the ground.
Polarity Test Polarity in electrical terms refers to the Positive or Negative conductors. Polarity Test is conducted to check conductors are connected the right way around, within electrical equipment such as module strings and combiner boxes.
Professional Design Professional design and engineering of new projects, as well as review of design for identification of engineering failures or possible improvements.
Yield Assessment Yield Assessment calculates output forecast by using simulation software, PvSyst, and combination of irradiation data sources such as NEDO and NASA. The simulation also includes information of shading objects on site. The results help you to perform profit simulation of your investment, and plays an effective part in financing arrangement materials for banks.
PV Module Test Thanks to the high-quality equipment in our mobile PV Test Center, we can offer our clients even better, faster and more effective testing right at the plant’s site. And thanks to our time-tested service quality, you can rely on our informative results at any time. Along with quality control at the plant or construction site, our mobile PV Test Centers are often in use for incoming goods inspections at ports.
Our incoming goods inspections at the installation site are conducted in close consultation with EPC, manufacturers and other parties involved, thereby incorporating them efficiently in the delivery and installation process. Delays can be avoided and deadlines met for planned commissioning.
At our own Service Center in Yokohama, qualified employees conduct quality and performance testing on solar modules and components with the most modern inspection technologies and preset the results in a detailed report format.
Acceptance Test Acceptance Test assessed conformity of the PV power plant to its original design, as well as the design’s compliance to IEC and JIS standards.
Assessment of PV Power Plant Assessment of PV Power Plant evaluates the asset values of the solar system. The contents can be customized to suite your requirements.
Assessment of Existing PV Power Plant Assessment of Existing PV Power Plant checks electric safety and generation performance against IEC, JIS and German standards and present the results in detailed report format.
Redesign proposal of Existing Power Plant Redesign proposal of Existing Power Plant comes with redesign of existing PV power plant in operation, and basic simple work (optional). Also support negotiations with EPC in case there is any defect by EPC (up to two times).
O&M ADLER Solar Works offers O&M services for PV power plants from low to high voltage systems.
Grass Cutting ADLER Solar Works offers Grass Cutting service for ground-mounted PV power plants.
PV Module Cleaning Professional module leaning according to manufacturer’s specifications.
Snow Removal Snow Removal service is available for O&M service subscriber only.
Emergency Site Visit Emergency site visit, including basic and remote investigation.
Monitoring and Emergency Site Visit 365-day monitoring and emergency site visit to promptly recover power production after a failure has occurred. Annual contract is required.
Trouble Shooting Investigation of failures and troubleshooting.
ASW Plant Certificate ASW Plant Certification is issued for those PV power plants which pass IEC and JIS standards in design review, yield assessment, module tests and acceptance test. (Please contact for low voltage systems).